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Hi there!

I’m Jess, and this is the story of Hashtag Baby.


On our fifth wedding anniversary, my husband and I learned that we were expecting twins.  After the shock wore off – and believe me, we were both shocked – we began preparing for our daughters’ arrival.

And, like so many other moms-to-be, I quickly became overwhelmed. Yes, I had the added realization that we were going to need two of most things, but I was also amazed by the sheer amount of stuff that babies apparently needed. 



When I started creating a baby registry, I realized how that as a mom of multiples, I had unique needs. As soon as I added “double stroller” to the search criteria, my options dwindled. I re-measured the nursery 17 times to make sure that both cribs would fit – even though we bought the ones with the smallest footprint. I also knew that my husband was going to play an important role in the process, too – he had no choice but to be hands-on! – and I was surprised how many baby products were obviously geared to moms.

I recognized that I probably wasn’t the only one poking around in all corners of the internet to find a “best of” listing with more than one multi-camera baby monitor listed. I wanted  to help other moms (and dads!) – and that’s when Hashtag Baby was born.



This website is designed to help simplify babyhood, so you have more time to enjoy parenthood (or take a nap before baby arrives!) Whether you’re designing the nursery or trekking around the world, we recommend products that fit your unique challenges, your personality and your budget. 

I’m so glad you found us. Here’s to simplifying babyhood!

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