5 of the Best All-Terrain Strollers: Which Is Right for You?

Do you need an all-terrain stroller? Read on to decide if you do and how to pick the right one for your family. 
best all-terrain stroller

If you’re expecting or new to the baby club, then maybe you’ve never heard of an all-terrain baby stroller

Or, maybe there’s an all-terrain stroller that’s caught your eye, but you’re on the fence about the price. Are all of those extra features really worth it? 

As an active mom of two littles, I can tell you that these strollers are game changers, so long as you get the right one for your family. 

In this article, we will help you decide if you need an all-terrain stroller and how to pick the right one for your family. And we’ll take a closer look at the best all-terrain strollers on the market.

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What is an all-terrain stroller?

You can probably guess what sets an all-terrain baby stroller apart from a regular one. All-terrain strollers have specialized features, such as air-filled tires and other shock-absorbing upgrades, that provide for enhanced comfort and durability for activities like jogging or hiking. 

Most all-terrain strollers also have canopies and more comfortable handles, which come in handy when you are out and about. 

Do you really need an all-terrain stroller

Over the past couple of years, I have become a stroller connoisseur. I believe the upgraded features of an all-terrain stroller can significantly alleviate the emotional and physical demands of parenthood. 

Imagine heading out for a jog with your little one only to head back home after a few minutes because the shock-absorption system just isn’t cutting it. 

Simply put, stroller functionality can have a major impact on your day-to-day life. 

What should you look for in an all-terrain stroller?

While all-terrain baby strollers are similar in many ways, there are five main categories that you should look into when deciding the best all-terrain baby stroller for you.  

  1. Durability
  2. Protection 
  3. Comfort
  4. Storage
  5. Affordability

All-Terrain Stroller Durability

Durability is a big one for me because it also has to do with safety. You don’t want to take the plunge only to have the stroller give out on you within the first six months. 

And not just that, but a more durable model will hold its value better. When you move past your stroller days, you may even be able to recoup a good chunk of your original investment. 

Protection from the Elements

Depending on how much time you spend outside, it’s worth paying attention to the features that provide some cover for your little one. 

The last thing you want is for your child to get sunburn or to be caught out in the rain with no protection. That means taking a close look at canopy specifics and functionality. 

Comfort for Parent and Baby

One of the biggest reasons to go with an all-terrain stroller is the comfort factor. The term “all-terrain” may make you think of bumpy hikes and steep inclines – but that’s not where you’ll ultimately derive most benefit from one of these strollers. Their all-terrain maneuverability also means they’re easy to use on any surface (hence the “all” in all-terrain!) 

The comfort factor is also where the steeper price comes from. The defining feature of an all-terrain baby stroller is its shock absorption system, which involves upgraded wheels and sometimes other features. 

Those upgrades require parts that are much higher quality, thus resulting in a higher priced stroller. That’s where you really have to consider if the comfort needs of your family justify the added cost. 

But it’s about more than just a smooth ride. Maneuverability and handle functionality will have a huge impact on how your back and wrists feel after a long afternoon running errands. 

The Storage Issue

Picking the right all-terrain stroller is just as much about having a place to put your stuff as it is about being able to transport that stuff wherever it is you need to go. 

If you’re active enough to need an upgraded stroller, you may also carry a lot of baby gear. If you’re like me, before long you are carrying so much that you begin to resemble a pack mule. 

If you are stubborn and cheap like I was initially, you might tell yourself that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But things didn’t work out that way for me. 

I would go out and before long, I’d be prematurely tired and grumpy.  That was no fun, trust me. The best all-terrain stroller really needs to have ample storage – for both you and your kiddo.


All-terrain strollers range greatly in price, so it’s good to have a price in mind before you start shopping, lest you fall in love with one outside of your price range. If your baby is still on the way, you may want to consider adding your favorite all-terrain stroller to your baby registry in case a generous grandparent or group of coworkers wants to gift one to you!

A Round-Up of the Best All-Terrain Strollers

Britax B-Free Stroller

A real strength of the Britax B-Free stroller is its compatibility with the Britax and BOB infant car seats. The last thing that you want is to disturb your sleeping child when you go from the car to the stroller or vice-versa. 

It also has an adjustable handle, which is especially important if you are taller or shorter than average. Leaning and reaching can do a number on your back. 

There is a fairly large storage basket underneath, which in my mind is an absolute must. And the weight limit isn’t bad at all—a 65lbs capacity is pretty good! 

There are a few drawbacks, though. One common complaint is that this all-terrain stroller lacks adult cup holders. If you’re on the move, and especially if you’re breastfeeding, staying hydrated is incredibly important. 

The Britax B-Free Stroller tires also require periodic maintenance, despite being air-free. That’s because after a while, they start to catch if you don’t lubricate them.

What We Love about the Britax B-Free Stroller

  • ‘No air’ rubber tires don’t require pressure checks but still require some maintenance. 
  • A large storage basket and seven (seven!) decently sized storage pockets. 

Keep in Mind: 

  • There are no adult cup holders. 

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BOB Gear Alterrain Jogging Stroller

This stroller has amazing shock absorption features. The air-filled tires and specialized suspension system make this stroller one of the most popular jogging strollers currently on the market. 

The tire pressure does need to be checked regularly, but it’s a small price to pay for the added comfort your little one will enjoy – which, let’s be honest, will result in more peace for you.

This stroller is unique in that it has hand brakes. And according to users, that is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s a convenient safety feature, especially if you’re a runner, the hand brakes sometimes cause blisters after prolonged use. 

My biggest qualm with this product is that I have a bad taste in my mouth ever since these BOB strollers were at the center of a recall scandal just a couple of years ago. The front wheel would pop off unexpectedly, posing a major safety concern. 

What We Love about the BOB Gear Alterrain Jogging Stroller

  • This stroller has a Smooth-Shox suspension system and high-performing rubber tires. 
  • The 360-degree ultra smooth steering ball-bearing system offers competitive maneuverability.
  • The seat has a near flat recline.
  • This stroller has the highest weight limit at 75lbs.
  • It has decent storage, as well as hand brakes for convenience. 

Keep in Mind: 

  • There was a recall scandal. 
  • Some say the hand brakes cause blisters.  

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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

This stroller is by far the most affordable, which is great considering that the tires on this stroller are very similar to the ‘no air’ Britax B-Free stroller. 

They are 100% rubber, meaning that you don’t need to worry about punctures or flats, but they don’t have the same tendency to lock up. 

The stroller comes with City GO infant car seat adapters, so if you already have that car seat, you don’t need to invest any additional money if you want to make use of that feature. 

The handle bar is height adjustable, which is another feature that really makes a difference in parent comfort, as does the hand-operated parking brake to give you peace of mind while you’re loading your groceries or waiting for a walk sign. 

This stroller also has an all-wheel suspension system, as opposed to other strollers that only provide that feature on the front wheel. 

While the seat does recline, a common complaint is that it doesn’t recline far enough for children to nap comfortably. Another common complaint is that the storage pockets are too small; there isn’t enough space to store common baby gear items. 

What We Love about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

  • The 100% rubber tires require less maintenance than competitors. 
  • The stroller comes with infant car seat adapters. 
  • The hand and operated parking brake offers peace of mind. 

Keep in Mind:

  • Unfortunately, this stroller is severely lacking in the storage department. 
  • The seat doesn’t recline very much, dealing a big blow to the comfort factor. 

View the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller on Amazon.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

We really love the care and attention to detail that we see in the design of this all-terrain baby stroller

The parent tray has two cup holders and covered storage, meaning that you can keep your drink, keys, etc., close without needing to dig in your pockets or alternate between pushing and holding items. 

It also has an extra-wide, ergonomically shaped foam padded handle to make life easy on your body. 

The extra-large storage baskets have room for whatever you might need and the wheels can be removed, making the stroller easier to store and transport. 

It also has a lightweight steel frame and all-terrain bicycle tires, boosting maneuverability and giving this option a unique, old-fashioned appearance. 

Unfortunately, this all-terrain jogging stroller has a much lower weight limit than its competitors: 50 lbs instead of 65+ lbs. But considering that many kids are in kindergarten when they’re 50 lbs, you may be okay with that restriction!

Compared to the other all-terrain strollers, we think this is the best all-terrain stroller for jogging moms and dads. 

What We Love about the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller:

  • The lightweight steel frame is great for joggers. This is all about energy conservation. 
  • The extra-large storage baskets take the weight off your back. If you’re out running, you can put less into the gear and more into your run. 
  • There are reflectors on the footrests for added visibility. This is a great safety feature, and not one that I see enough. 
  • This stroller is more affordable than the other options. It costs less than half of what you’ll end up paying for the others. 

Keep in Mind:

  • This stroller has the lowest weight limit with its 50 lbs capacity. 

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Even Flo Pivot Xplore All Terrain Double Stroller Wagon 

This all-terrain baby stroller makes a faithful companion through tough terrain. It can even handle hilly trails and sandy beaches. It’s also one of the few all-terrain strollers designed to handle multiples. 

It resembles a wagon and is built to keep your child (or children) comfortable and entertained no matter where you are. (If you’re intrigued about stroller wagons, you won’t want to miss the best stroller wagons on the market.)

It also has a unique handle that helps parents mix it up. The handle can be adjusted giving the parent a choice of whether to push or pull the stroller. The UPF 50+ dual canopy offers complete, insulating coverage from the elements. 

While this offers more sun protection than the other options, users frequently complain that the attachment is sometimes not strong enough to keep the canopy in place. High winds and frequent use might limit the usefulness of the dual canopy system.

A drawback is that this stroller lacks the 5-point harness, which is the standard for an all-terrain jogging stroller

Instead, it has a 3-point harness and lacks back support, meaning that it likely won’t be comfortable for most 6-month olds, who are just learning to sit up without support. 

I personally would not consider jogging with this under any circumstances. 

It is also not a suitable place for naps since young children may turn over and get injured. 

One common complaint is that the canopy attachment isn’t always strong enough to keep the canopy in place. As a result, the canopy may be useless on windy days. 

What We Love about the Even Flo Pivot Xplore All Terrain Double Stroller Wagon

  • This all-terrain stroller is built for two, making it a good option for active parents of twins. 
  • The storage trays and spacious cabin help keep children entertained. 

Keep in Mind: 

  • The stroller lacks back support and isn’t suitable for very young babies or napping children. 
  • A 3-point harness, as opposed to the more standard 5-point harness, leaves something to be desired.  

View the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All Terrain Double Stroller Wagon on Amazon.

So, which is the Best All-Terrain Stroller?

All-terrain strollers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While no single all-terrain stroller is better than the others in every respect, that doesn’t stop us from having a favorite. 

Since most parents will be relying on their strollers for outings, errands, and some outdoor activity, it makes sense that the emphasis would be placed on comfort and storage. 

And the stroller that seems best equipped to offer a smooth ride, convenience, and storage is the BOB Gear All-Terrain Jogging Stroller

It has a little bit of everything – hand brakes, a good reclining seat for baby, decent storage, and an amazing shock system – which to us makes it the best all-terrain stroller of the five. 

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