4 of the Best Twin Baby Carriers (2023 Reviews)

Babywearing twins can be done - as long as you have the right gear to help you do it. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best twin baby carrier and answer questions about tandem baby wearing. 

The world of baby wearing can be overwhelming for new parents. There are so many ways to carry your baby – and when you’re in the market for something that helps you with baby wearing twins, the options can be more than a little confusing. 

As a twin mom myself, I get it. 

First – know you’re not alone. 

Second, know carrying two babies at the same time can be done – as long as you have the right gear to help you do it. 

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best twin baby carrier (yes, they do exist!) and answer all the questions you may have about tandem baby wearing. 

Now for the twin mom mantra – you’ve got this. 

Jump straight to our reviews of the best twin baby carriers:


What is tandem babywearing?

If you’re new to the world of babywearing, welcome! 

Babywearing is the name given to wearing or carrying your baby while using a supportive device, like a sling or another type of carrier, so your baby is close to your chest while your hands can be free. 

Tandem babywearing is the process of carrying two babies at the same time.  (Just one more way twin parents are awesome!) 

As you venture into the world of babywearing, the most important thing to understand is that there are many different types of baby carriers. Before diving into tandem baby carriers, it’s important to understand the differences between the different styles.  Many of these styles can be converted from front-wearing to back-wearing once the child grows, although not all options work with two babies. 

Each kind of baby carrier style has its own pros and cons, as well as important notes about when babies are able to be safely carried in each type, based on age, size, weight and neck control. 

Quick Overview of 5 Kinds of Baby Carriers

    • Structured Carriers:

      When it comes to structured carriers – think buckles. The structured baby carriers – which can be either soft structure or standard structure – most often fasten with buckles and snaps. 

    • Wraps:

      Wraps are just what they sound like – long pieces of fabric that you wrap around yourself and your babies to fasten them securely to you. There are different kinds of materials used, and even different ways of wrapping and tying the fabric to ensure a secure fit. You can think of a wrap as a baby scarf you can tie in a multitude of ways.

    • Ring Slings:

      Ring slings are similar to wraps, in that they are made of long pieces of fabric but they also include a ring through which you thread the fabric to help ensure a quick and snug fit. For ring slings, think of a belt or a 80’s inspired t-shirt clip.

    • Mei Tei:

      Mei tei carriers are Asian-inspired carriers that are a kind of hybrid baby carrier. They’re a cross between structured carriers and wraps, in that they do not have buckles but they do have specific ties that help you guide the material and tie it in just the right place for a secure fit.

    • Backpack Carriers:

      Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory – backpack carriers fasten to your back and carry your baby in a structured, supportive frame. Backpack carriers are popular for active parents 

So – how do you carry twin babies?

Okay, now that you’re a certified expert in the kinds of baby wearing options – what works for twin babies?

As you delve into this world, it’s important to keep the age, weight and neck control of your twins in mind as you narrow down your choices for the best twin baby carrier.

Newborns need the extra support that ring slings and wraps provide, but growing babies can quickly reach the maximum weight limit these styles provide. 

Conversely, you can’t wear babies on your back until they have excellent neck control, which typically happens around 6 months – so that means the structured carriers will need to stay packed away for the first bit of your twins’ lives.

Can you carry twins in a ring sling?

Yes!  Though perhaps the more accurate answer is yes, in two ring slings. Because of the style of ring slings, you’ll need one for each baby. 

Here’s a helpful video of a mom showing how she uses two ring slings to securely tandem babywear her little ones.

Can you carry twins in a wrap?

Yes! Even newborn twins can safely be worn in a wrap. 

Watch this amazing twin mama show you how. (Watch her tip at 5:32!)

Can you carry twins using a structured carrier?


There’s a great brand on the market called TwinGo, and they make carriers with twins in mind. (Skip ahead to our review of their TwinGo Air.

Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase two structured carriers and wear one baby on your back, and another baby on your front. This mama shows how she carries her twins using two different structured carriers. Watch all the way to the end to see how she safely helps her babies out of their baby wearing positions.


Reviews of the Best Twin Baby Carriers

TwinGo Air

While the other TwinGo carriers are great, our favorite is the TwinGo Air Model. 

Unlike some of our other reviews of the best twin baby carriers, this one is specifically designed with twins in mind. 

While the system is essentially two carriers, they work perfectly together, which saves you a lot of time and worry over whether your homemade solution will get the job done. 

We also love that while the carriers can be worn together, they are also fully effective as independent units. This means that both parents can carry a baby based on their preference: back carry, front carry, or on one hip.

What sets the TwinGo Air apart from the other TwinGo models is its breathable mesh fabric. Anyone who’s carried two babies knows that those two little bodies can generate a lot of body heat. The mesh fabric is especially great in the summer months and in warmer climates. When it cools down, a zippered panel can cover up the mesh to keep your baby warm. 

The detachable head covers protect your babies from the sun and other weather elements during all seasons, while also ensuring that they fall asleep while leaning into you and protecting their necks, rather than having their heads potentially roll back.

An adjustable waistband (which can fit 26- to 100-inch waists) is extra firm and supportive. The design also ensures that your babies’ weight is carried on your hips, rather than your shoulders.  Extra padded shoulder straps and a chest strap also help to make the carrier secure and ergonomic for all caregivers.

For your babies, they’ll benefit from 8 different adjustment zones and a positioning that keeps their hips in the pediatrician-recommended open-wide leg position. 

The parts of this carrier, while many, are all machine washable so you can protect your investment and keep your babies clean. 

What We Love

  • So many thoughtful details show this product is truly designed with twin babies and parents in mind
  • Head covers are great for gentle support during nap times, while also providing shade and a bit of rain protection

Things to Consider

  • This works best for babies who are 10-45 lbs, although an infant insert can be purchased separately for babies 7-10 lbs
  • Because this is designed to be a front-and-back tandem carry, your babies will need to be at least 4-6 months old and have good neck control to be safely carried on your back.
  • The unique design means you’ll need some time to practice (probably with another adult’s help) before you are truly confident.

> Check out the TwinGo Air on Amazon.

Boba Baby Wrap 


The Boba Wrap is a favorite for many parents. While this isn’t designed exclusively for twins, this particular baby wrap works to carry twin babies thanks to its stretchy yet supportive material. 

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the Boba Baby Wrap has just enough give and support to solidly wrap around your two bundles of joy. 

However, because you’re working with a large expanse of material and nothing else in the way of checks and balances to make sure the pieces are where they’re supposed to go, you’ll want to practice at home – with grown-ups present, lots of mirrors, or even baby dolls – before trying this by yourself.

There are many videos to help you feel confident in your journey to tandem baby wearing using a wrap. 

Because tandem baby wearing while using a Boba Wrap means you’re carrying both babies on your front, your babies will likely outgrow the wrap before it wears out. Most twin parents find that front-wearing their twins in a wrap becomes unsustainable after 2-5 months.

What We Love:

  • Newborns as little as 3.3 lbs can be worn using a baby wrap
  • The stretchy fabric is soft, luxurious and machine washable

You’ll Want to Consider:

  • You’ll want to buy two wraps so you’re not always forced into tandem baby wearing when another adult is available
  • Definitely requires practice to make sure you’re doing it right
  • You’ll need another mode of baby carrying after the twins are about 5 months or so

> Check out the Boba Baby Wrap on Amazon.

CuddleBug Baby Wrap

Another great contender in the world of baby wraps for twins is the CuddleBug Baby Wrap. 

Again, while it’s not made specifically for twins, the CuddleBug Baby Wrap is made from 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex so it’s a good stretchy material while also being sturdy to support two smaller babies.

The maximum weight limit for the cuddle bag is 36 lbs – of combined baby weight. Most babies reach 18 lbs around 3-6 months, so you’ll need another option soon after the newborn phase.

What We Love:

  • Tiny newborns can benefit from babywearing with this wrap 
  • The stretchy fabric is soft, luxurious and machine washable
  • Peace of mind that comes with its lifetime manufacturer’s warranty covers any manufacturing faults 

You’ll Want to Consider:

  • Again, you’ll want to purchase two wraps so you can get help with one of the babies when another adult is available
  • The wrap style requires practice to make sure you’re doing it right
  • You’ll need another mode of baby carrying after your babies reach the maximum weight limit

> Check out the CuddleBug Baby Wrap on Amazon

Nalakai Ring Sling

A ring sling is a great alternative to a structured carrier or baby wrap if the idea of accidentally pinching baby skin in plastic buckles or tying yourself and your babies in knots has you, well, in knots. 

Many parents also like ring slings because they are more easily adjustable than dealing with ties or buckles, and any parent of twins can tell you that anything that’s easily adjustable when you’re talking about twins is 

Again, with the Nalakai ring sling, you’ll need to have two on hand to safely carry your babies, as each sling can only support one baby. 

It’s recommended that your babies are at least 8 lbs each before carrying them in a ring sling. 

Nalakai Ring Slings come in a beautiful range of colors. While most are 74 inches long, their dipped color slings have 4 bonus inches, totaling 78 inches long. Some colors are even offered in specially designed long length of 85 inches. 

What We Love:

  • The unique linen-bamboo blend is soft and gentle. 
  • The ring sling can easily double as a breastfeeding cover.
  • Design does not wrinkle clothes as much as a baby wrap. 
  • Nalakai’s products are backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Three different lengths allow parents to choose the best wrap for them.

You’ll Want to Consider:

  • You’ll need two ring slings to comfortably and safely carry your twins
  • While it’s machine washable, it’s best on gentle cycle and hanging to dry

> Check out the Nalakai Ring Sling on Amazon

Final Thoughts on the Best Twin Baby Carrier

While we readily admit that babywearing is an incredibly personal preference, our favorite baby carrier for twins is the TwinGo Air

Because it was designed specifically for twin babies and parents of twins, it is our most trusted baby carrier for twins. 

We love that it’s possible to order one product that offers great flexibility – tandem wearing, or use individually for front-wearing, back-wearing or hip-wearing. 

The mesh paneling helps cool you and your babies off, and yet its zippered close allows this carrier to be used in all seasons. 

With the addition of the separately purchased infant insert, it can be a great option for many twins at a young age. At the same time, the maximum weight of 45 lbs ensures a quality lifespan for this product. 

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